I wanted to take a minute to pay tribute to this wonderful land we call America.


This is a land not built of mortar and stone, but of people, people from all over this wonderful world.


Our forefathers laid out a blueprint for this land, and we know that blueprint as the Constitution, and it insures that we all live free.

The foundation for this wonderful blueprint of freedom was the Christian Bible.


Our forefathers wrote that without Christian morals this land would not survive as a free country.

And while itís true that the Constitution guarantees separation of church and state, it was not meant to separate church from state.


The separation of church and state

was put in place to insure our freedom to worship from the pew of our choice, or even to choose not to worship at all. But we must remember, the Bible and it teachings were used as the foundation for our freedoms, and we all know, nothing can stand tall when you remove its foundation.

So this is truly ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

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Remember, there have been two people willing to die for you, Jesus, so that your soul may live, and the American Soldier, so that you may live in freedom.